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The 3-hour China Trends Tune-up

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Tuning up your Chinese language skills with three hours of exclusive content.

Launch date: 15 August 2022

This crash course will help you master a collection of the latest Chinese words, idioms and phrases that Chinese people are actually USING in conversations about issues they care about NOW.

In this session we cover language about three topics that have been hotly debated on Chinese social media this year: the Xuzhou chained woman (徐州铁链女事件), the Beijing migrant worker in search of his son (来北京找儿子), and failed lockdown policies in Xi'An (西安市卫健委全力以赴).

Each of the three topics is presented in a lesson format with the following resources:

  • Context: background and basics about the topic
  • Words and phrases: around 20-25 words and phrases for advanced learners to discuss the topic, with background notes and example sentences for each (same format as newsletter)
  • Audio newsletter: the full lesson including Chinese and English, words and example sentences
  • Source article: a full article with native audio in Chinese to put what you have learned into practice
  • Downloads:
    • Pleco download for all words covered in each topic which can be automatically added to your Pleco word lists
    • Word list (.doc) to integrate into your own word list system
    • Example sentences (.pdf) with pin yin for vocab and all example sentences
  • Database: a full database of all words and phrases covered (74 in total) including example sentences, native audio and background notes

Each lesson will take around 1 hour to complete. By the time you finish it you will be able to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations in Chinese.

The content draws from the extensive Slow Chinese archive which has previously only been available to paid members. There is also new content exclusive to this China Trends Tune-Up.


Who is this course for?

✅ People who describe themselves as 'advanced' or 'long-time' language learners. The content is not graded around HSK levels, but as a reference you should be at least HSK 5 to benefit most from the content.

✅ People who have been studying HSK or text books for several years and want something new, engaging and more relevant.

✅ People who use Chinese language in their job or career.

✅ Long-time China watchers who haven't been to China for a while, and want to keep their language current.

✅ Langauge learners who've been stuck in an intermediate plateaux for some time and want some challenging content to help break through

Who should not buy this course?

You shouldn't buy the course if:

🟥 You are a beginner level student, or HSK 3 and below

🟥 You are not interested in society-based issues in your learning

🟥 You are looking for structured lessons that focus on grammar and sentence structures

How long is the course? And what format is it in?

Going through each lesson should take around one hour, or longer if you want to take your time.

The lessons are a mix of text, audio and downloads.

It's hosted on Notion - the platform that the Slow Chinese member site is hosted on. When the course is launched you'll get a secret link to access the content. You log in with your email and passwords once.

When is the course launching?

The course is set to launch on 15 August 2022.

What happens next?

First, you can sign up now to secure your discounted rate. The first 50 students will get it at $15.

After that the price goes up to $30

When the course if launched you'll receive an email notification and a link to access the material. You will have access to it for ever after launch.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the course (counting since the day it's released).

The only thing we will ask is for a reasonable explanation of why you want the refund.

Have another question?

No problem. Reply to any of my Slow Chinese newsletters and give it your best shot.

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Master a collection of 74 of the latest Chinese words, idioms, phrases and slang that Chinese people are actually USING in conversations about issues they care about.

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The 3-hour China Trends Tune-up

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